About Us

Who are we and what do we do?
STTRs Direct’s ethos is to provide the best service from initial booking to the actual meeting.

Why use STTRs Direct? Our experience as a business spans over 15 years and we specialise solely in Speech to Text Reporters, and individually as Speech to Text Reporters we have at least 15 years’ experience each. We pride ourselves on the quality and expertise guaranteeing the highest standards of service from our reporters and can name the reporter booked for you.

Our client base spans meetings conducted at the FSA, Bank of England, Morgan Stanley, Legal & General, UNISON National Conference, Party Political Conferences, UCL, National Trust, Actors, Committee meetings in the House of Lords, Legal firms, John Lewis, Waitrose, Microsoft, Brunel University, British Rowing and County Councils; we also work for many National Charities, including, for example, the National Deaf Children’s Society UKCoD.

We understand the difficulties of booking communication support whilst in a busy job, so we aim to make the experience as smooth as possible for you. This is done by building relationships so we know and understand your needs. The Speech to Text Reporting service is essential in a professional environment for a deaf or deafened client. 

Should your work require you catching up on telephone calls, rather than having a Personal Assistant make the calls for you, you will now be in a position to deal with the calls yourself, with the Speech to Text Reporter transcribing the calls live. If you are in a customer facing role, using the Speech to Text service can help you build that relationship with your customer (we work very much in the background at the same time as providing the verbatim service at meetings). 

If you are trying to take notes, write things down, and are concerned about capturing everything then the use of a Speech to Text Reporter is essential, as you will have the transcript to hand. 
We are constantly updating ourselves technically and have the most up to date services and we can recommend the best service for you. STTRs Direct have new technological advance where we can provide a remote facility: that is, providing verbatim transcription of a telephone call, meeting, conference over the phone or internet which can be useful for clients when travelling with work. 

But over to our clients, they say it best:

"Why use STTRs Direct? As you will no doubt appreciate, the success, or otherwise, of such a service is entirely dependent upon the skill and accuracy of the individual STTR. STTRs Direct is the only company to have access to the country’s leading Palantypists and Stenographers and to be able to guarantee the highest standards of operation" - Client from Ernst & Young
"STTRs Direct are renowned for flexibility and word of mouth praise. All the high level deaf professionals use them" - Client from Ernst & Young