Knowledge Base

  • Are you monitored?

    Yes. It is recognised as a registered occupation by the NRCDP or equivalent (The National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind people).

  • Are you paid for this?

    Yes. It is my full time paid occupation.

  • How do you train for this?

    Most Registered STTRs originally trained in Court. (STTR = Speech to Text Reporters) It takes up to 2years to train as a Court Reporter, however to work for the D/deaf STTRs need at least 4 years court experience.

  • How fast are you?

    A trained Reporter can write in excess of 200 wpm.

  • So how does it work then?

    You have to have.....A trained Reporter taking down the verbatim spoken word on a Palantype or Stenograph keyboard. The specially trained Reporter types what she/he hears onto the Palantype / Stenograph keyboard. This is not typing every letter but words, phrases and shortcuts (thus enabling it to be verbatim.) The computer programme then translates into English, which then appears on the laptop screen / projector screen. There is not an Oxford English Dictionary in the computer. Therefore, when words are new to the computer, it translates the typed text into what it thinks is being typed, and this then appears phonetically. A lot of people think it is very odd writing on a keyboard that has no letters. This is because I am a trained Reporter writing phonetically i.e. writing syllabically not letter by letter.