Do you ever get frustrated that you cannot attend all the meetings and events you’d like to? STTRs Direct have the answer: STTRs Direct provide Remote Speech to Text which enables deaf and hard of hearing people to access a Speech to Text Reporter over the internet without STTR and/or client having to attend the meeting venue. You can follow what is being said live, without the Speech to Text Reporter being present in the room. Some users of speech to text reporting may wish to attend a meeting and have the STTR remotely accessing the meeting, thus providing them with the service they want but feeling independence alongside their peers.

How It Works
Remote Speech to Text is provided by a fully qualified and registered Speech to Text Reporter listening either via Skype or by dialling in to a conference telephone call. The Speech to Text Reporter’s text is streamed via an internet connection to you and your preferred method of viewing the subtitles, either straight to your computer (or other accessible device) which means following the communication support you want where and when you want. Remote Speech to Text Reporting is suitable for most meetings and events. We can advise you on an individual level.

When travelling to meetings may be expensive or difficult, Remote Speech to Text can ensure enhanced availability; for example, rural locations and last minute bookings when you may otherwise not be able to find a Speech to Text Reporter.
No travel means no accommodation for some meetings and events; an advantage in the current climate of reduced budgets. Remote speech to text can be used in innovative ways to aid communication support in a variety of both business and personal situations. By using tablets you can access us on the go wherever you are. If you are abroad and need to access an important meeting even at very short notice, this means you don’t miss a thing. In the workplace those last minute conference calls means you don’t miss a thing. Remote Speech to Text Reporting opens up all aspects of the workplace.

STTRs Direct only provides fully qualified and registered STTRs. Unlike other remote providers, of foremost importance, we DO NOT use a re-speaking service for our remote service – this substantially increases accuracy of a remote service. Only an experienced STTR is used.

Contact us for our pricing, you will find having a Speech to Text Reporter more affordable that you could have ever imagined.