• Client from Ernst & Young

    "STTRs Direct are renowned for flexibility and word of mouth praise. All the high level deaf professionals use them"

  • EHRC Employee

    "I always recommend you to everyone who asks for palantype support. That's what you get for being professional, reliable and really nice to work with!".

  • Geoff Boyd, Corporate Equality & DiversityTeam, Department for Transport

    "The two palantypists were excellent at our International Women's Day Conference".

  • Ian Harvey-Piper, Managing Director, Technovation (CPM) Limited

    "As an event director, it is essential that all elements of the show work together seamlessly. STTRs never fail to provide the highest quality service, both in terms of accuracy and speed of output, as well as total integration with my onsite crew. There are other companies I have had to use in the past who claim to provide the same service. However, having had to actively 'release' them from site, I can, without doubt, say that STTRs are the unrivalled industry leader. I cannot recommend their services highly enough."

  • James Strachan, Non-Executive Director

    "STTRs provides me with a lifeline. For Palantype Julie, Lisa and Caroline are simply the best team in the country - I literally could not work without them".

  • Matthew Johnston IT Consultant

    "STTRsDirect provide a first class and professional service and I would be completely at loss without them. They are very responsive to my needs including outside normal working hours. This is so important especially when working with clients globally. Having the stenographer in meetings enables me not only to follow and understand the conversations but to participate as well”

  • Rachel Benedyk

    "I have used the services of STTRs Direct for many years, since my progressive hearing loss became critical about ten years ago. Without the support of speech to text, I would have been unable to continue in my job as Lecturer in University.

    STTRs Direct provides highly professional and skilled speech to text support in a full range of communication scenarios, from small meetings to large conferences. The support workers are all reliable, flexible and friendly, well prepared and well organised. They are willing to travel to any venue, to tolerate and adapt to any work conditions, and to do their very best to help the deaf person achieve their work. They provide transcripts when requested. They are also very patient with curious onlookers who are impressed with their special skills! 

    I owe STTRs Direct a huge debt of gratitude for their exemplary and vital service and for their personal and professional support in my job."

    Rachel Benedyk Teaching Programme Director University College London Interaction Centre March 2016

  • Stephen Heliczer, Director, QED Productions Ltd

    "We have worked closely with Julie, Lisa and Caroline and the team for many years. In this time they have established themselves as pioneers and innovators in speech to text transcription for live events. They are highly proficient and professional, always smiling and friendly, often working in the most challenging circumstances. I still find the accuracy and speed of their work nothing short of astounding. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending STTRs Direct to anyone".

  • Susan Daniels, Chief Executive. NDCS

    "I would highly recommend the speech to text service provided by STTRS Direct. Bookings are dealt with in a friendly and efficient way and there is always the feeling that they will "go the extra mile" to help you out. The service provided is fast, accurate and reliable and is executed in a calm, professional manner".

  • Tim Barlow, Actor

    "I am a profoundly deaf actor who needs STT support for theatre rehearsals. I have been using STTRs Direct ever since they set up. They are brilliant! Easy, helpful and friendly to book. An utter delight to work with. I count myself lucky to have found them. Incredibly adaptable - they have supported me at voice classes, read-throughs, movement classes, on the floor rehearsals, technical rehearsals, education days and when I have been giving talks myself - nothing defeats them. Their unfailing cheerfulness and humour in all situations is truly uplifting. If you want a cheerful, efficient and dependable service look nowhere else. They are pure fun too!! I love 'em! They will never let you down".